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Caring for your lawn

The Lawn Treatment Includes 7 Applications

  1. Pre-emergent applied to help prevent crabgrass later in the season. Broadleaf weed control is applied to help kill unsightly weeds.
  2. Pre-emergent crabgrass applied until the seeding season end in September. Liquid fertilizers and weed control are applied to obtain a deep green, weed free lawn.
  3. Fertilizer applied to combat the stress of the summer months. Broadleaf weeds are treated with pre-emergent combined with post-emergent.
  4. Summer lime and fertilizer will be applied to address any deficiencies based on soil testing.
  5. Apply starter fertilizer, high in phosphorus, to assist in new seedlings and provide proper nutrients for the lawn to mature.
  6. Apply fertilizer to help mature and develop a strong root system. Spot weed control based upon lawn status.
  7. A winterizing fertilizer to promote a healthy root system and prevent winter stress-used to help your lawn green up faster in the spring. 


Aeration and Seeding

The next step in ensuring a green and healthy lawn is aeration and seeding. We highly recommend that every lawn be aerated annually. Aeration is simply the removal of small plugs of soil from the ground.

  • It allows nutrients, water and oxygen into the root zone.
  • It frees the soil for new seed germination.
  • It loosens compacted soil and diminishes the thatch layer.
  • It stimulates growth of existing grass.